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Types of Dentures

Dentures are removable oral devices resembling natural teeth that may be removed by the wearer. It is vital to maintain as many of your natural teeth as possible, and many patients are pleased to learn during their denture evaluation with Dr. Byler that they can keep some of the teeth with partial dentures.

Full upper or lower dentures replace all of your natural teeth. A partial denture fills spaces where teeth are missing, and the oral implement hooks onto adjacent teeth for stabilization. An overdenture is possible when there are salvageable roots with adequate bone allowing the denture to be attached to them and create a more secure hold for the denture.

dentist-bastrop-tx-chad-byler-ddsConsiderations When Getting Dentures

Complete upper and lower dentures can be crafted at the lab prior to the removal of any existing teeth, so they can be immediately placed into the mouth. Partials and overdentures typically require additional considerations that will be explained to you during your denture evaluation or a complete exam with Dr. Byler.

There is typically an initial period of adjustment with dentures, and as the mouth changes they will periodically require a reline for proper fit and comfort. Even if you have a complete denture, you will still require regular examinations to maintain oral health and to ensure that your dentures are adjusted properly.

Great Denture Specials in Bastrop

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