Nervous About Dentures? Don’t Be

Nervous About Dentures? Don't Be - Chad Byler, D.D.S, PA - Bastrop, TXDiscovering a person needs dentures is not the most pleasant announcement a person can hear, to be sure. And it is quite natural to be nervous about the process. There are lots of assumptions people have about the process of getting dentures fitted, wearing them and getting used to them, and most of those ideas come from decades past when technology wasn’t so advanced. Here is what you need to know if you or a loved one needs dentures.

Dentures are medically necessary. Dentures do far more than enhance your looks. They help a person speak more clearly and eat more normally. Those who forgo dentures can find their overall nutrition suffering because they simply can’t eat the foods that are best for them. Proper dentures will ensure that you are able to eat foods like apples and corn and other nutritious foods.

Modern dentures aren’t obvious at all. One of the worries about dentures is that they will look terribly fake. Perhaps decades ago that would be true, but today’s modern technology means your dentures can be designed to fit you perfectly and look extremely natural.

Regular visits and care is needed. Dentures don’t last forever, and even if they fit perfectly, you will need to continue to see a dental professional regularly. For one thing, over-the-counter and prescription medications can affect your dentures over time, just as they may affect natural teeth. Never try to make your own denture repairs, as you can cause more damage than you originally tried to fix! Also, regular care will enable your dentist to ensure that your dentures still properly fit. Many people who wear dentures find that they need to be adjusted within 5 – 7 years.

The adjustment period isn’t as bad as you might believe. One of the reasons people put off dentures is the worry that they won’t be able to adjust to them quickly enough, that they will be painful or create discomfort. Your facial muscles will adjust fairly quickly to your new dentures, and there are many things your dentist can do in the meantime to make the adjustment more comfortable, such as working with the proper adhesives. This applies to adjustments as well. With proper planning, any denture corrections can be made in as little as one day.

Rely on an experienced dentist with professional staff to help you craft the perfect dentures that are low cost and comfortable. There is no need to suffer when technology has never been better and so affordable.

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