The Importance of Fluoride

the importance of fluorideWhen it comes to cavities, the easiest way to deal with them is to prevent them from happening in the first place. While regular brushing and flossing are important, fluoride in the water supply also plays a vital role.

Many people have heard that it has been added to the water supply and may not totally understand how it works. For people with questions about the importance of fluoride, they may find the information below helpful.

Fluoride: Fast Facts

Many years ago, cavities were almost as much a part of people’s mouths as the teeth themselves; however, the number of cavities has declined drastically over the past century. Research studies have clearly demonstrated that the addition of fluoride coincides with a sharp decrease in the number of cavities.

  • It is a Nutrient– Fluoride is a naturally occurring element in the environment. It is like any other nutrient that the body needs to survive in that it is safe when used appropriately. It is found naturally in every water source from the seas to the oceans and everything in between.
  • It Helps to Fight Cavities– Over the years, fluoride has been extensively studied and was found to effectively prevent and reverse signs of dental cavities. First, it binds to the structure of the tooth and makes teeth stronger. This is because cavities are formed when acid is released from bacteria on the surface of the teeth. This acid from the bacteria results from the breakdown of sugar and food left in the mouth. This acid leads to a destruction of the tooth structure and leads to cavities.
  • It Repairs Teeth– Fluoride can help to remineralize the teeth if acid has broken down the tooth structure. This return of the mineral structure can both repair damages that have already been done and makes the teeth more resistant to the breakdown of the tooth structure in the future.
  • It can be Obtained in Two Ways– There are two different ways that people can add fluoride to their tooth. The first form is the topical form. Toothpaste companies have recognized the importance and have added it to their products. When people brush their teeth, they add fluoride to their tooth structure. Many types of mouthwash also add fluoride. The second form of fluoride is systemic. This type is found in the water supply and helps to place fluoride in saliva for the long-term.
  • The Amounts in the Water Supply are Checked– In recent years, people have started to question the fluoride in the water supply in the same way they question other established health benefits, such as vaccines. The fact remains that it is closely regulated by supervisory organizations. These organizations make sure that the amount of it in the water supply is safe.

Overall, it is a vital part of the water supply because it has been proven to safely and effectively prevent cavities in the mouth. This has been proven by the sharp decrease in cavities in recent decades. Everyone should remember that it remains a part of the water supply because it is a cornerstone of oral health.

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